Cushion Sizes

These are our standard sizes in cushioning products which run on all of our models. Perforated after every cushion for absolute ease of use and handling. Line efficiency is known to increase dramatically as a direct result of utilising this style of packaging. Less pack time per box.


All of our systems feature inflation controls allowing the user to change the amount of inflation in each cushion, altering the volume size depending on your applications needs. So if you have smaller spaces to fill just turn the air down.

200 x 200 Air Cushions200mm wide x 200mm long

A good all rounder which is probably the most commonly sized cushion in the UK. This square cushion fills large areas of void quickly and effectively. Used as block and brace and top fill this versatile size is certainly the most cost effective solution to your packaging.



400 x 100 Air Cushions400mm wide x 100mm long

This long thin cushion is a great new edition to the range. Its size means that no product slips through to the bottom of your box.  It is ideal to pack large items like furniture, lighting, picture frames and mirrors.   The length of this cushion means it has even greater adaptability than the other sizes as it can block and brace, be used as a top filler but also if reducing the inflation slightly mould effortlessly around awkward objects.


120x200 Inflated Cushions200mm wide x 120mm long

This smaller oblong cushion is proving to be extremely popular. Easier to pack lower volume areas where space is tight. Still has the adaptability to block and brace and be used as a top filler.



Our Reels

The film we use has been specially formulated for our sole use and designed not only to be better for the environment but also to give maximum puncture resistance. This ensures the cushions will provide ample shock and impact protection through transit whatever your product may be.

Each of the reels weighs under 6.5 kilos making them easy to handle for any member of staff. Even less time and effort is used handling these reels thanks to our new quick loading rollers fitted on all models.

One of the main advantages of using Ultipac systems is the price of our reels. We offer significant cost savings on what is essentially an ongoing expense. Whether you are already using air cushions in your operation or thinking about moving over to this type of packaging its worth talking to us to see how different our pricing structure is against our competitors.

In order to evaluate and understand why our product stands alone in build quality, ease of use and exceptional service we offer a free no obligation trial.

Contact us to discuss your exact requirements for a personalised and informative approach to your packing department.

Concerned about the Environment?

So are we!!!      Thats why all our film is made out of recycled plastic find out more here