Pre Inflated Cushions

PACK LIKE THE PROFESSIONALS - give your packaging that professional touch.

Air cushions are fast becoming the number one choice for void fill packaging. They are a quick, efficient and effective way to secure your products in transit ensuring they reach there destination in perfect condition. Greater customer acceptance in this form of packaging over traditional forms is widespread as they are easier to dispose of, product does not get lost and breakages are reduced.


For those of you looking to utilise this style of packaging within your operation with minimal outlay we are able to offer an inexpensive solution. We now supply pre inflated air cushions in 15 cubic foot sacks direct to your door much the same way as you would buy polystyrene chips. Fill those awkward spaces for nominal cost and minimum weight.


They are made from Low Density film and contain recycled polythene so they are more environmentally friendly than other types of air cushions.

This in turn will show your customers you are responsible about your packaging which is a huge plus point with consumers nowadays and will have them coming back for more.


200 x 200 Air Cushions200mm long x 200mm wide

A good all rounder which is probably the most commonly sized cushion in the UK. This square cushion fills large areas of void quickly and effectively. Used as block and brace and top fill this versatile size is certainly the most cost effective solution to your packaging.



120x200 Inflated Cushions120mm long x 200mm wide

This smaller oblong cushion is proving to be extremely popular. Easier to pack lower volume areas where space is tight. Still has the adaptability to block and brace and be used as a top filler.




400 x 100 Air Cushions400mm long x 100mm wide

This long thin cushion is a great new edition to the range. Its size means that no product slips through to the bottom of your box.  It is ideal to pack large items like furniture, lighting, picture frames and mirrors.   The length of this cushion means it has even greater adaptability than the other sizes as it can block and brace, be used as a top filler but also if reducing the inflation slightly mould effortlessly around awkward objects.


Order your pre inflated cushions now.  All prices include VAT and a VAT receipt will be issued.  Payment is by Paypal.  If you do not have paypal and would like to order some of these cushions please fill out the form at the bottom of the page or call us and we can advise alternative payment options.  Keeping your goods in tact, CALL ULTIPAC.  For a fast, efficient and friendly service.

How to order

The pre inflated cushions come in various sizes and you can choose to buy one 15 cubic foot sack, two sacks totalling 30 cubic feet or four sacks totalling 60 cubic feet.  When buying two or four sacks you may choose different sized cushions in each sack.  Just click on the number of sacks you wish to purchase and then choose which cushion sizes you would like in each sack.  It’s that simple.



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