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Why use Air Cushions

As with any packaging the idea is to protect the goods in transit so they reach their destination in the same condition as they were dispatched.

Volume Users

The Compac is our tried and tested model for volume users. It has been out in the field operating in large scale distribution centres for over 5 years now with a fantastic reputation for reliability and ease of use.

Small to Medium Users

We are very proud to showcase our latest air cushion system, “The Puffin”. With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing air cushion machines.

Product Support

With any form of machinery operating on packaging lines it is important for them to be well maintained to ensure continued performance.

Pre Inflated Cushions

PACK LIKE THE PROFESSIONALS - give your packaging that professional touch.

Air cushions are fast becoming the number one choice for void fill packaging. They are a quick, efficient and effective way to secure your products in transit ensuring they reach there destination in perfect condition. Greater customer acceptance in this form of packaging over traditional forms is widespread as they are easier to dispose of, product does not get lost and breakages are reduced.

Cushion Sizes

These are our standard sizes in cushioning products which run on all of our models. Perforated after every cushion for absolute ease of use and handling. Line efficiency is known to increase dramatically as a direct result of utilising this style of packaging. Less pack time per box.

Freepost is only applicable to mainland UK and does not include Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man and the Scilly Isles.”