About Us

Ultipac is the leading specialist in air cushion packaging. We are the only company in the UK whose business is focused 100% on air cushions. Formed back in 1994 gives us over 14 years experience in this field. We design and manufacture all of our equipment in house and great emphasis has always been put on producing high quality systems that are built to last, are simple to use and have minimal maintenance issues.Enabling companies to deal directly with us has many advantages for the end user the most important being the considerable cost savings. Our reel prices being a consumable item are the lowest around and we cannot be beaten on price.We have built our business on our strong reputation being family run with family values. Our customer service support is always treated as priority and we go out of our way to make sure whatever other problems you may have, air cushion packaging isn’t one of them.

Our research and development team are constantly looking for ways to improve and to create new products in line with current trends and application needs. If you do not find a product that you are looking for contact us as we may be able to help or at the very least offer advice for possible solutions.

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